English vs Dutch

We have been following a Prince 2 Foundation course (exam will be soon). It was three days, with twee weeks between each day. Our Kiev-based colleague Dima also attanded the course. But he could not make it for the second day.

Alexander described in on of his posts that it’s important to select the correct language. And indeed in an internation group of people you should talk a language that everybody (or as much people as possible) speak, to save on translation costs. So we also did that during our course. The first and third day were in English. But the second day was in Dutch.

To my big surprise the second day was easier to complete than the other days. It’s not because of our understanding of the English language, because everybody talks English on a daily base, sometimes entire days (for example when being at foreign customers, or at off-shore teams). The manual is also in English, which even makes the understanding of terminology more logical in English. But I guess talking a foreign language means everything is going a bit slower, and you need more focus, which is taking more energy.


2 Responses

  1. off course 🙂
    for each single person in a group it is an axiom that his native language would be more efficient for him.
    Teamwork = a set of tradeoffs.

  2. Tom, this is indeed true. But there are two ways looking at it, and the other side is to talk and write as much often in English untill it becomes nearly native.

    I guess you notice this when you stop translating your native tongue into English before you speak out a sentence in English. And eventually you’ll see that you will also often intuitively think in English when you’re abroad.

    And when you’re there, find another language to tryout 🙂

    Greetings from my Jacuzzi looking into the Daintree rainforest 🙂

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