Day 0 – Millionair

Tomorrow is the start of our Kili adventure. We are all very excited. Today was all about preparations: re-packing the big backpack the porters will carry, what to put in the daypack and what to leave in the hotel.

And…. paying for the climb.

You will get about 1800 Tanzanian shilling for 1 euro, so it’s easy to be a rich man. At the first cash machine the max for a withdrawel was 200.000, we emptied it. The second was not working. At the third the max was 400.000. At one moment I had a package of five million in my hands, not even enough for the five of us. But I prefer to have that kind of money in the bank…… and in euro’s 😉

All pictures:


2 Responses

  1. Hai Tom and all the other guys,

    Wish you all the luck you probably need..?!



  2. Wow 🙂
    finally it started.
    I wasn’t on the blog for some time and missed a lot as I see.
    I think you need a separate bag for all those millions of tanzanian shillings :), a bag for each man from the group.

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