Day 2 – Finally we see the mountain

This morning the clouds were going away, but before it cleared up new clouds came in. So most of he walk was through the clouds, like yesterday, and until we reached the Shira 1 camp (3460 meter) we haven’t seen the mountain at all. We were joking if there even was a mountain. But while we were waiting for backpacks and tents the weather cleared up and we can finally see the top…. and what a perfect view it is!!! Blue sky, sun, a slendid view on the mountain with snow on he top.

We expected the porters to be at the camp earlier than us, but most are later. Most are unexperienced and being trained by guide Simon. We are accompanied by guide Abele.

O, and Maarten was the laughing stock of all porters, when he was covered by ants, after he put on his daypack again, which he put on an ants trail.

All pictures:


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