Day 3 – Feeling really good

I read and forgot about it. But the stars yesterday evening… what a wonderfull view. Of course everything around us was completely dark making all stars shine really bright! Like the sky has gone bling-bling.

Today the direct route from Shira 1 to Shira 2 at 3840 meters should only take two and a half hours. But we chose the route via Shira Cathedral, about 4 hours. This included (after a small addititional climb) a really spectacular view. We were on an edge with a far view on both sides. On the one side the valley with Moshi, comletely in the clouds. On the other side was Shira Valley, which we crossed today. A perfect view on a nice walking day.

When we almost reached the camp an american guy was brought down: height disease. I didn’t expect people to fall out this early, so I am happy I still feel good. From our group only Jasmijn does not feel to good, but we expect and hope she will feel better soon. It should help we are sleeping at this altitude for three nights.

The highest point of tomorrows hike is at 4530 meters, I wonder how that will feel….

All pictures:


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