Day 4 – Crowded

Today our route (Lemosho) joined with the Machame route, which we will follow from now, because Lemosho goes via Western Breach, which is more dangerous. When joining with Machama all of a sudden the route is crowded. Much more hikers and a huge amount of porters. The feeling of being alone on the mountain is gone.

Todays route took us way over 4600, the highest I’ve ever been. In the morning I had a small headache (stupid pillow, 12 hours in bed), but it did not get worse. Now it’s gone 🙂 We are growing more confident. The walking itself is no problem at all. It’s only the height, you just get less air, so you cannot go as fast as you are used to. That’s why we go up slow. Our guides say we will summit all five of us…. but that’s their job I guess.

Today we arrived at Barranco camp at 3985 meters. Tomorrow we go to Karranga at 4040, so we should be acclimatised at this height before our final push for the top.

Most people consider Big Tree (first camp on Lemosho) as the most beautiful camp. I don’t no why, each day the camps get better. Yesterday a wonderfull sunset, with beatiful clouds and colors. Today we have a huge wall on one side and a far view on the oher.

A totally different story is about the toilets in the camps. It’s nothing more than a 1 by 1 meter wooden shed, with a hole in the ground. Below the hole: the shit-pit. The deepest pit I’ve seen was three meters deep, but not empty. So some have already meters of shit in them. It works, but it smells.

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  1. That’s cool they allow you to have 2-3 days at the same altitude. You are strong. But I think there are also people which are average and without any experience or guides don’t allow such people without any preparation to climb that high?
    And don’t look at shit when you are in such perfect place, Tom, look at all shose landscapes 🙂 )))

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