Day 8 – Getting of the mountain

Yesterday was tipping time. A special occasion for the guides and porters because it’s an important part of their salary. Of course we thought it through and gave good tips. But, as stated in the Kili guide, the guides pretended that the tip was not enough. What a hassle. But when they found out it was all they got (and all we had), they were happy and big friends again. I guess this is one of the more clear cultural differences. In the morning we also gave everybody something additional, like a sweater, socks, headlight or gloves. This really made the day. I haven’t seen the porters more happy during the trip! So I guess we did OK. A strange (for us) thing is that the porters and guide have absolutely no problems with asking for more gear, clothes or money. We had to remember ourselves that this is probably normal for them.

The last walk of the mountain was only 2 hours. At Mweka gate some administration had to be done by the guide and after that we wend of to Moshi, with our certificate that we made it all the way to Uhuru Peak 🙂

This will (probably) be my last post on our Kili adventure. Now we are going on a 5 day safari, after that diving at Zanzibar.

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