Day 11 – from Holaskogur to Geysir


Today was a long distance, but luckily 10km less than expected. Specially between 40 and 50km it became heavy, because we were hungry, but a good lunch fixed all that and we happily (though tired) finished todays trip. During lunch Bjorn spoke the never true words: from now on it can only flat, according to the map. So we ended up doing the major part of the climbs after lunch. The road was quite boring, but hey, we are a bit spoiled the last couple of days.

So now we are in Geysir. We think earned the hot tub and really good meal. Tomorrow we sleep late and do so wandering around. Let’s hope we see Geysir (it blows irregular and only 2 or 3 times a day).

Hot tub in Geysir after a long day of biking 🙂
Link: all pictures


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