Day 14 – Thingvellir and from Thingvellir to Reykjavik

6.4km (from the campsite to Thingvellir and back)
50km (from Thingvellir to Reykjavik)

Our originial plan was to “do” Thingvellir today and go to Reykjavik tomorrow. We combines this in one, to have a day left for Menningarnótt 🙂

Thingvellir is special for two reasons. The two tectonic (?) plates of Europe and America are drifting a part. Normally that’s not visible (under water), but in Thingvellir it is. You can see where both plates end and can walk between them. They are 7km apart, and are moving away from each other with the amazing 😉 average speed of 1 millimeter per year.

At one of the plates is the important historical site of Iceland, where Parliament used to be held each year. It has a small church, graveyard and one other building. We had a guided tour by a park employee. Intersting story, well told! If you are there I advise you to take that tour.

The ride to Reykjavik was incredibly windy, leaning hard to the right, not to tip over.

Dinner and beers in Reykjavik, where we also met Yonathan again.

Location of the old parliament at Thingvellir
Link: all pictures

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