Day 4 | Da Lat

Today we decided to stay in Da Lat and have a look around. First… Breakfast in the hotel, Thien an hotel (yes, go there). Fresh fruits (among which our new favorite, the dragon fruit), eggs and some coffee for coffee addict Louis.

Crazy house

The crazy house

The crazy house

The first attraction on our list was the Crazy house. The house was architected as an organic tree-like form with curling stairs, bridges, funny windows and easy to get lost routes within the house. It was all very Gaudi-ish… Brings back memories from my Barcelona trip.

Day 4 route - again, this might be our route, but we're not certain, since we did not arrive at the expected destination

Day 4 route - again, this might be our route, but we're not certain, since we did not arrive at the expected destination

Elephant waterfall

The second thing to see was elephant waterfall, advised by our friendly hotel owner. He gave us directions on a Da Lat map. The great thing of having own transportation is the freedom togo where and when you want. On our way, the trip should be some 35 km, we found another waterfall still in Da lat. Not to big, made “nicer” with fake animals. Back on route we saw lot’s of mountains and green houses and had Pho in village not used to tourists, the best Pho so far (the Pho get’s better by the day). After about 40km and not finding anything that evening remote looks like a waterfall, except maybe Roel’s toilet visit during lunch, we headed back for Da Lat. Back in Da lat we discovered that the waterfall was about 400 meters off the main road.

Getting directions

Today we learned something new. Always have somebody write done the Vietnamese name of the destination. Out of the city the people are very friendly, but understand English as well as I understand Vietnamese.

Armand’s scooter

After dinner in Da lat we walked back to the hotel via the local street markets. Completely inspired by Top Gear we decided to buy some crap to decorate Armand’s scooter. For only 50.000 dong * we bought 20 Christmass serpentines and we bought some shield with Vietnames painting. It was not even too difficult to buy all the crap and get it into the hotel with Armand present. After half an our his scooter was all colourfull and he will get even more attraction than we all already do.

* one million dong is worth about 35 euro’s. So it’s very easy to get millions in (and out) of your pocket. A hotel for the five of us is about one million for two nights. Pho for lunch is 100-125K for the five of us. Really extensive high quality dinner costs a million and a bit.