Day 7 | Buon Ma Thuot – Kon Tum

Today is probably the day with the most kilometers of our journey. So instead of leaving for our end goal we leave all our stuff at the hotel and ride in the complete opposite direction for an hour or so to find some waterfall. This time we did find the waterfall, and what an amazing waterfall it was. It’s not even the correct time of the year, but still a lot of water falls down the two different waterfalls.



On our way back Maarten’s scooter brakes down. What was wrong. We don’t know. Some random Vietnamese guy walks around the scooter for two times, spins the back wheel and all is OK again.

Back to the hotel, collect pur luggage, pay, decide to e-mail the Lonely Planet to get this crappy hotel out of their book and leave for Kon Tum.

The ride was OK. Lot’s of villages, people laughing at us and specially at Armand’s Christmass scooter. Lot’s of smelly fires along the way, smelly stinky smoggy Pleiku and we ended in Kon Tum.

Day 7 route

Day 7 route

Just before we arrived at Kon Tum, during one of the road works, Maarten and Armand fell over. First Maarten fell because of the slippery road and some human breaking error,o after that Armand had to break because Maarten was lying in front of him, and also fell. Nothing wrong with Armand, of course. Maarten has some scratches and brewses, his trousers, coat and gloves have damage. So does his scooter. But sill, nothing too serious.

The hotel was found easily, in the dark, so was the restaurant. Unfortunately the restaurant was closed, because we arrived to early.

Tourist tip: Vietnam restaurants close around eight thirthy.

Pho and Bahn Mi (some sort of sandwhich) also do the trick.