Day 9 Kham Duc – Hoi An

Today we woke up early to get to Hoi An in time. Maarten brought Santa Claus costumes for today, because it’s Christmass. First the rain clothing and on top the Santa suits. So today we ride as Santa 🙂

We ride as Santa

We continued HW14 in the rain forest and in the rain. But soon the rain stopped and the weather got a bit better. For breakfast we made a stop in a small village, I think is called Thanh My. People were almost fighting to have the five Santa’s at their food stand. We choose one which serverd Bhan Mi, sandwhiches with slightly spiced up meat and veggies. Maarten bought another banana tree and popcorn. Because we were Santa anyway we also gave some popcorn to the children that were checking us out. That btw also happens without the Santa suits, as soon as we stop somewhere for longer than three seconds a crowd is forming around us. From here we followed the 14B, a pass that can be closed if needed. I like to call it cemetary road. Earlier we already saw huge cemetaries, but now even more. About half of this road we saw the cemetaries on our left side. Cemetaries in Vietnam have big and bright colourfull graves with lot’s of decoration. The richer the family, the bigger the graves. Also we saw a Dutch couple we encountered yesterday during a break. They were doing their Christmass dance when they saw us passing by.

The last part to Hoi An was a muddy path through small villages. Between the villages again rice paddies, but this time in the rice paddies a lot of graves. We saw this one or times earlier, but here it seems to be the normal custom to burry people between the rice fields.

Day 9 route - Again, our exact route is not available on any map

Day 9 route - Again, our exact route is not available on any map

In Hoi An we found a hotel, showered and hit the town. Hoi An is one of the few locations which still looks real traditional, the buildings that is. In the buildings: shops, shops, shops and some more shops. Also everybody talks english here, people are not surprised to see white people. We can just blend in with other tourists. Hoi An is, besides the traditional buildings, mostly famous of it’s custom suits. So we had us measured, selected a nice fabric, did some price hassling (earning us a discount and free scarve) and our new suits are ordered and will be ready the day after tomorrow. No problem because we plan to stay until then.


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