Day 13 | Hue

@ Tu Duc's place

@ Tu Duc's place

Today we spend a day in and around Hue. After we brought our scooters to the train station yesterday, it feels like being a normal tourist today. So we travelled around by foot and taxi and visited the touristic highlights. First on pur program was the Imperial Enclosure and on our we there we stopped at a temple. The Imperial Enclosure was build, upgraded and rebuild between roughly 1800 and halfway the previous century. It used to be the emperor’s residence and had a lot of buildings. Most buildings are now gone, because of French and American bombing.

After this site we took a taxi to the Tomb of Tu Duc. The most impressive of all tombs around Hue. A lot of buildings, tombs, parks, etc for Tu Duc and his family. This is probably the first site we see that is not destroyed by the Americans. Of course there is some decay by time. The next, and also not destroyed by the Americans, tomb was the tomb of Khai Dinh. Situated against a hill it means, according to the Lonely Planet, a lot a stairs. The stairs were OK, the view was great and the tomb impressively decorated.what a work it must have been to create this tomb.

Day 13 route - estimated route, not sure which roads the cab driver took

Day 13 route - estimated route, not sure which roads the cab driver took

Then it was time to get to the train station for our night train to Hanoi. We did some shopping for food and drinks, so we would survive the long night. Because all soft beds were booked, we only had two. The rest of us had soft seats. Everybody got quite some sleep, except for Roel. We also booked our plane tickets from Hanoi to Saigon for later this week. And it’s way cheaper to book them locally, we saved almost 50%


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