Day 14 | Hanoi – Cat Ba Island

Day 14 route

Day 14 route

On the ferry

On the crowded ferry

This morning Roel was still awake in the night train. The rest of us were waking up around half past five. When the train arrived at the Hanoi station it was almost seven, that’s two hours late. The luggage office was not open. After waiting, getting the scooters, breakfast and getting gas (fuel tanks are emptied when scooters are put in the train), it was after ten. The way out of Hanoi was easily found. Maarten had a small collision with another scooter at a traffic light (not his fault, nothing serious). And we were ouit of the city. Louis engine is making strange sounds. After explaining it to a repair guy, they washed his and my scooter, without any fixes. The ride to Haiphong was terrible, only city area with lot’s of traffic and an industrial zone with dirt road. We were dust covered. A ferry, a small drive at some island another ferry and finally we arrived at Cat Ba Island. By that time I some loose wire on my scooter, but it’s a Symm bike, so it’s still driving and a broken helmet. We will have it all (including Louis’ scooter) fixed before we leave the island. The views here are great. Limestone islands rising out of a calm ocean.


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