Day 15 | Cat Ba Bay


Today we booked a boat trip in the bay with Slo Pony. The boat took us to some of the beautiful places in the bay. This area, a Unesco World Heritage Site, were small rock islands are towering out of the ocean, is best known by Halong Bay. Cat Ha Island is another location, with less tourists and more targeted on outdoor-minded people. We thought we just booked a boat tour, but we also got to do some kayakking, to get a closer look on the islands and floating fisher villages. A great way to discover this area. In the afternoon we skipped the kayakking and stay on the roof of the boat, to enjoy the view from there.

Cat Ba Bay

Cat Ba Bay

New year’s party
On the boat we met the people that joined us for dinner and drinks, to celebrate the new year. A Dutch couple, wherever I go, I always meet Dutch people. A couple from Denmark/USA, that absolutely loved the kayakking, and were woken up by a rat later this week. A couple from Australia. A couple from Canada, on a one year unpaid leave, to travel the world (or at least this part of the week) (check their blog While you Were Working).

Fireworks are not allowed here, not much celebrating is done on this “western” holiday, so we made our own party, in The Good Bar, above Slo Pony. Probably almost all tourists were there. Around twelve we started a countdown and a new year started. Maarten had some stomach problems and “enjoyed” the changing of the year on the toilet. We had a great evening, new years when traveling are always different.


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