Day 19 | Perfume Pagoda

Today we did a daytrip to the Perfume Temple, close to Hanoi. But first breakfast.

The best Pho ever….. NOT
According to the Lonely Planet the best Pho of the entire country is sold at the fast food franchise Pho24. As experienced Pho testers we of course have to check this statement, because Pho quality is a serious matter. We ordered a couple of different Phos, to make sure we have a good sample testing. Our verdict: the most expensive Pho in the country was absolutely not the best of the world. To be more precise, all other Phos had a more outstanding taste. The Pho of Pho24 is ok, but really average, not bad, always OK, but never the best in the country.

Perfume Pagoda

Day 19 route - route to Perfume Pagoda

Day 19 route - route to Perfume Pagoda

It was raining and the drive up to the Perfume Pagoda was absolutely not interesting. So the decision for a taxi was easily made. After one and a half hour we arrived at the sight. Of course some woman pointed us at the wrong direction right away to sell a trip on her boat. Five minutes later we arrived at the real entrance gate, with the irritating woman following us, to convince us not to buy an official ticket, but to join her trip. A couple of minutes later, with official tickets, a boat was assigned. The boat was not really OK for us five guys and the woman rowing the boat. Each wave or move in the boat was a potential risk of getting water in the boat and sinking. After an hour of sitting motionless, in too tiny seats, synchronised moving (checking the time, scratching, etc), getting cold and having huge respect for the rowing womans speed we arrived at the Perfume Pagoda. The pagoda is named after the Parfume River, which says nothing about the way it smells. First we visited a huge temple complex. After a cable car, that had to open specially for us and some Italian tourists we arrived at a huge cave. The cave was also a temple with altars and offerings. We were more interested in the geological parts of the cave. Cool cave, nice trip.

Belgian beer

Beer storage room

Beer storage room

Hanoi has a Belgian beer pub, called SBB, short for Special Belgian Beer. Reason enough for us to go and check it out. We had the taxi from the Perfume Pagoda drop us of there, paid the 1.5 million and were ready to go. Unfortunately the pub was gone. But soon we found another one. They only had Chimay and a terrible atmosphere. One beer later we left, checked online and found out SBB had moved. One taxi ride later we arrived at the new location. Great pub, OK food, storage room dedicated to all the nice Belgian beers served here, nice atmosphere and a great beer menu, including extensive descriptions, more staff than guests, staff was all smaller rhan 1.50 meter. When in Hanoi… go there.

Before sleep Armand played some more Plant vs zombies.


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