Day 3 | Bangkok

The wake-up call was at six and I woke up again at seven, just in time for a quick shower and breakfast. We left the hotel at seven thirty.

First we went to Wat Traimit, to see the biggest golden Buddha in the world. The Thai discovered by accident the Buddha was a massive gold statue. When the Buddha was moved to a new location parts of the concrete layer that covered the complete Buddha crumbled off. Probably the entire statue was covered by concrete to protect it from plundering Burmese during one of the historic wars.

Next to Wat Phra Kaew and the grand palace. The palace is sometimes used by the king, the royal family and their guests. Of course there are a lot of temples and also an emerald Buddha. The temple is quite big, but the Buddha was only sixty centimeters, much much smaller than some of the Buddhas we will visit later. The Buddha is decorated with different clothes for each season. Here the seasons are summer, rain and winter. The current season is the winter season, with 32 – 35 degrees and sun.

After lunch we took a boat tour on the Khlongs, waterways in the old Chinese part of the city. The long-tail boats were powered by truck engines, put in the back of the boat, with a propellor connected to it. This gives quite some power to boats. The houses were built on stilts into the rivers, some made of wood, rotten and collapsed, others made of concrete.

Later in the afternoon we made a bicycle tour with the Co van Kessel company. The guide took us through tiny alleys, small roads, off the map markets, into un-touristic areas.

Because of the heavy traffic in Bangkok, not only is the air polluted (taking ten years of the life of the Bangkok people), but also traffic jams are normal. So we arrived at the hotel much too late to visit the show planned for the evening. Instead we went for Japanese feed and drinks in the hotel bar.

Big golden Buddha


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