Day 4 | Bangkok – Kanchanaburi

This morning we first visited the floating markets, which is nothing more than a tourist attraction. Earlier in time this was a market of small boats buying and selling food and other goods. Nowadays it’s a souvenir shop which can be reached by boat. The same long-tail boats with truck engines are also used here.

After the floating market we went to Kanchanaburi to visit the museum on the dead railway between Thailand and Burma, built by the Japanese during World War II, and the Bridge over the river Kwai. Impressive.

In the morning it already started raining a bit, but by the end of the day the rain was so heavy, the shower could not compete. In the news they were even talking about a typhoon, header for Thailand or Malaysia… 50/50 chance. In the end we were lucky and looking forward to sun again.

The meals are until know almost always buffet style and adapted to tourist taste, meaning less spicy. This is too bad, because part of experiencing the country is also eating the food. This afternoon the typical spicy green papaya salad was great (and spicy). This evening the baked bananas were the best ever.

Tasting strange fruits


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