India – Day 10 – Bijapur to Jallihal to Jath

Today: 100 km
Total: 1036 km
34 degrees, mostly sunny and windy

We decided Armand wil take care of fixing the rickshaw and Erik, Mitch and Tom are going to Jallihal. This also gives us the opportunity to get some laundry done, because laundry in hotels can for some reason only be done between 8 AM and 2 PM, so only if you stay in a hotel for two nights, which we never do.

Before leaving for Jallihal we visited Golgumbaz, a dome shape mausoleum, dating back to 1659, for an emperor of that time. The dome is said to be the second biggest after a dome in Rome. We climbed all seven stories of one of the four towers on the corner of the building. From the top we entered the dome again. Because of the shape the echoes carry through the entire dome. So talking on one side of the dome is heared very clearly on the opposite side, almost fourty meters away. Because there was nobody else we could play with the echos for some time. It’s strange to see that tourists most of the times have to pay 20x of what locals pay to visit an attraction. This was true for Golgumbaz today and also for Badami yesterday. Joking we drive real Indian rickshaws doesn’t make a difference.

The road to Jallihal does not exist, at least not on our map and our GPS. But with the instructions of YPS* we got there before 12. We were welcomed by Aparna, a friendly lady working for YPS. She told us about the school we were visiting. Students from the area can come to the school for their education, including computer skills. Children from the very poor families can still register, the families can pay with their farming products, instead of money, making it easier to enroll. Also children from roaming families or families to far away can enroll and stay and live in the special housing on the school grounds.

After a warm welcome by Aparna, we went to the school. Some 60+ students were gathered in one class room. The students asked us questions on our trip with the rickshaws, what we think of India, about the Netherlands, our education and jobs. There was much laughing on our rickshaw adventures and breakdowns along the way, the point it book and our total lack of Hindi. We asked the students questions on their school, future jobs and favorite foods.


After an hour or so we went into the computer lab, where the older students showed us the basic website they created. One of the things they learn are the HTML and CSS basics.

After lunch and tea we visited the Jallihal Nemo. The idea is borrowed from Nemo in The Netherlands. All sorts of experiments are layed out, to broaden the students view. Also students from other schools are invited to visits.

Then it’s time for our radio interview. Visitors that travel by rickshaw is so extraordinary, a radio interview is needed to spread the word about these crazy people. Of course Armands crash, all the breakdowns and Indian traffic are covered. But we were also asked about the cities we visited and next steps in our route.

We are invited to the YPS headquarters, but unfortunately we cannot make that before dark. And driving after sunset is asking for problems. So we end up in Raith. Armand is already in Miraje. We will meet up tomorrow.

All together it was a very pleasant day. And the work done by YPS is very impressive. They are very thorough in their work and really work towards fixing problems in a structural way.

Ow… and today we passed the one thousand kilometers mark 🙂

* YPS: Yerala Project Society. Stichting Jallihal in The Netherlands supports YPS to improve living conditions of the people in the very poor Jallihal region.

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  1. Fijn om de afgelopen dagen zoveel over jullie reis te kunnen lezen! Jullie maken heel wat mee. Heel veel plezier verder de komende 2 weken, groetjes, Anja en Cyril (van Mitch).

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