India – Day 9 – Koppal to Bijapur

Today: 225 km
Total: 936 km
32 degrees, clouded in the morning, chilly winds in the afternoon

The landscape was roughly the same as yesterday. In the afternoon we visited Badami. The Lonely Planet warned us for perky monkeys at the parking lot. And, as always, the lonely planet was right. Before we were completely out of the rickshaws the monkeys already stole our bananas and a roll of toilet paper. With some rocks and sticks and the help of some locals we managed to get most of our stuff out.

At Badami some 500 years ago temples were carved out of the rocks. It’s amazing to see a big rock face with complete rooms in them, including statues, decorated pillars, walls and floors. What a huge amount of work must it have been.

When we got back to the parking area, we found out the monkeys also attacked a couple of water battles, leaving a swimming pool in the back of one of the rickshaws.


One Response

  1. Ontzettend leuk om jullie avonturen te lezen, jammer van de tuk-tuk-pech, maar ach, het kan de pret gelukkig niet (al te veel) drukken,
    Veel plezier nog samen en groetjes van Tonnie

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