India – Day 11 – Jath to Miraje to Kolhapur

Today: 159 km
Total: 1156 km
32 degrees, mostly sunny and windy

In the morning we first met up all four us in Miraje. This meant Erik, Mitch and Tom had to wake up at six and leave from Jath to Miraje at 6:30. On the way to Miraje it’s so cold, 27 degrees, but feels like 12, we dig in our bag packs for the sweater we last wore in Russia. We are now in the Maharastha state. The first thing that’s different are the enormous amounts of huge windmills. Green electricity is hot here.

In Miraje Armand told us the previous night the front window had fallen out completely. Both rickshaws have starting problems. So first we find a repair shop. Both rickshaws get a major round of repairs and the window is replaced. That took us the entire day and two different repair shops. At the end of the day we ended up with both rickshaws with some engine maintenance and a window that was fixed, mostly with tape. For some the shop workers were even proud on the results. We hope the window will make it to Delhi.


Waiting for the rickshaws to be fixed