India – Day 14 – Murud to Thane

Today: 188 km
Total: 1845 km
30 degrees, clouds and rain forest rain showers

Today we head for a village with a ferry to Mumbai we planned to reach yesterday. Arriving at the village it was not really a village, it was nothing more than the ferry docks and a shady restaurant. The ferries are not running until September. So we decided to continue and head for Thane, on the outskirts of (north of) Mumbai. There is a train station, so we will visit Mumbai by train tomorrow.

Later that day we think we saw a cremation. A lot of people gathered next to the river and were burning something on a pile of wood.

The last part of the route was on the highway. Unfortunately one of the rickshaws broke down again. This time it was not the fuel, not the spark plug or anything else we could simply (by now) fix ourselves. A rickshaw taxi driver, and his passenger, stopped to assist. The couldn’t fix it, so called a befriended repair guy. Ten minutes later the mechanic arrived. On the highway, he revised our entire carburetor. Half an our and 100 rupees later, we were on the road again.


In Thane we found a good hotel (warm shower and soft beds) opposite to the biggest shopping mall (400+ shops) and some more familiar fast food chains. For a change in our diet we decided to go to the Burger King and there was a nice special beers bar.


India – Day 13 – Guhagar to Murud

Today: 215 km
Total: 1657 km
30 degrees Celsius, clouds and some rain showers

Today our roads lead us through the rain forest at the coast. And the rain forest gave us lot’s of rain showers, as to be expected. But we were quite dry in our little rickshaws. As a result, lot’s of muddy pools on the road, slippery roads, incredibly cool driving (felt like 3×3) and amazing views over the ocean and in the forest.


Somewhere during the day Erik had a flat tyre. A friendly guy offered to help, and after half an hour we were on the road again, with no spare tyres left.

Our goal was to get to a village with a ferry to Mumbai. Because of the very bumpy roads, these were not your average state highways and I guess road maintenance is not in the Hindi dictionary, we did not make it to our goal today. So we diceded to overnight in Murud, to prevent from night driving. But just before Murud, Erik had a flat tire again. Because our spares were already gone, Erik and Armand stayed with the rickshaw, next to a big mausoleum somewhere in the forest. In the meanwhile Mitch and Tom drove to Murud, only 8 kilometers further down the road. A shop with deaf guys fixed one tyre and replaced the other. An hour or so later, in the pitch dark, we could start replacing the tyre. Just when were lifting the rickshaw and put it on a spare wheel, as a jack, the rain forest gave us a heavy shower…. great timing 😦 The shower was warmer than the showers in most hotels by the way. Fifteen minutes later we were ready to go and the rain stopped again. Wet, tired after a long day of traveling our hotel requirements were quite low. The hotel we found managed to maintain even lower standards… but we were hungry and it was late. Luxury will come some other time.