India – Day 16 – Thane to somewhere north of Surat

Today: 274 km
Total: 2.119 km

First we picked up our rickshaws from the welder. He fixed the roof rack and all broken bars holding the roof rack on the roof. He did an excellent job, adding extra bars to make the structure more likely to reach Delhi. We also picked up some spare tyres, because Erik keeps running flat.

To cover some ground today we decided to take the highway. That sounds strange in a max. 50 km/hour rickshaw. But we were faster than most trucks. The highway is three lanes. The best tactic seemed to be to drive in the middle lane and take over on both other lanes. Some of the trucks look like extended cargo containers with wheels. We rode 274 kilometers, with a late (11 AM) start. So that was quite good for today. Tomorrow we will wake up early and make up for some of the lost time.


In the evening finding a hotel proved a bit difficult. Almost all signs of hotels, were only restaurants. Strange.

We are now over 2.000 kilometers into our journey.


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