India – Day 19 – Palanpur to Udaipur

Today: 210 km
Total: 2850 km
33 degrees, mostly clouded, some rain, some sun

From Palanpur to Udaipur we took the highway. It was completely empty and went through the hills of the Rajasthan. Very beautiful. The entire day nothing on our rickshaw broke, that’s a first.

In Udaipur, after parking the rickshaws, we are normal tourists again to the Indian touts hanging around at the City Palace. From three totally different men we heared the exact some story. They lived in The Netherlands for a couple of years, being proved by the fact the know the city names of Amsterdam, Utrecht, Haarlem and Rotterdam. Next he starts explaining he is working for a school, an art school, which happens to be just around the corner. In a [fill in your random short period of time] or so he is going to The Netherlands, with the art collection from the art school, to show in the Rijksmuseum. We are more than welcome to visit the art school. Today the great artist just happens to be in and, total coincidence, some great art is being made today. But it’s not about the money, just to show us around…. right.

The City Palace is a huge palace, in use for centuries by the maharaja’s, until the Brittish took over. It’s exactly what you expect a palace in India to be. White walls, decorated ceilings, small hallways and stairs leading to new rooms, unclear floor plans and easy to get lost.


In the hotel we met Madan, an Indian guy from Udaipur, who moved to The Netherlands, Eindhoven. He speaks Dutch, is family of the hotel owner and was on holiday in Udaipur for six weeks. We also met Monica, from Germany, who is living in the hotel for a couple of months. We had a really nice evening with Kingfisher and Indian rum.