India – Day 21 – somewhere south of Dewair to Jaipur

Today: 304 km
Total: 3.328 km
32 degrees Celsius, clouds in the morning and one heavy rain shower, sun in the afternoon

We woke up early and drove a very long distance today. The guy that sold us the rickshaws in Chennai said 200 km was the maximum for one day. We proved him wrong.

Of course we got a flat tyre in the middle of a village were tourist are non-existent. But by getting it exchanged for a new one in a couple of minutes got us some applause and we were on road again.

We found our best hotel so far. Hot showers (first time we needed to add cold water), clean towels already waiting in our room, great restaurant that even has most items that are on the menu, parking places and close to the city center.



India – Day 20 – Udaipur – somewhere south of Dewair

Today: 174 km
Total: 3.024 km
34 degrees, clouds and sun

We left Udaipur in the morning and visited the Kumbalgarh fort. It’a very huge stone fort, towering high above the surrounding hills. The fort reaches 1.100 meters and has a 36 km fortified wall. We parked the rickshaws between all the cars, it’s very busy today, because it’s Independence Day, so most people don’t have to work. We only saw Indian tourists, no foreigners, much better than Udaipur. From the rickshaws to the ford is an impressive walk, as more and more parts of the ford become visible. At the ford we climbed the many stairs to get to the inner ford and then to the top of the ford, for the views of the area. The ford was build 500 years ago, to protect Udaipur from Jodhpur. From the ford you can see the walls to protect the land from invaders, running until the end of sight.


After repairing rickshaws, the second national sport in India is to get on a picture together with foreigners. Today, as on any other day, many people asked us if we wanted to go on a picture with them or “secretly” took pictures of us when they happened to stand next to us. I wonder what will happen with all those pictures.