India – Day 23 – Jaipur to Agra

Today: 244 km
Total: 3.602 km
38 degrees Celsius, sun and one enormous rain shower at the end of the day

We made it!!! Across India, from Chennai, to Mumbai to Agra, 3.500+ km in our rickshaws 🙂

Yesterday when we were almost at Amber Fort the exhaust fell off. We screwed it back, but honestly… it needed welding. We decided to just try if we could make it to Agra. But almost out of Jaipur the exhaust fell off again. On the plus side, it fell off almost in front of a welder. So one hour later the exhaust was welded and we continued. Half an hour later the exhaust fell off again. The weld was still OK, but all the screws were missing. With no mechanic shops in sight we continued without the exhaust. It’s like driving with rickshaw speeds and jet fighter sounds. At a Tata factory the exhaust was screwed back.

Just before Agra we visited Fatehpur Sikri. It’s an ancient fortified city from the Mughal time. First we visited the mosque, with a mausoleum. Steep stairs with resting goats lead to the entrance. It was a sandstone building with towers and a great open area in the middle. A friendly employee showed us around, for free. But not without a long stop at a souvenir shop, where Armand bought a stone elephant.

They have annoyingly many touts hanging around, trying to sell you something, demanding your ticket after you visited the palace (so they can sell it illegally to the next tourist with a discount and the tourist will not get in with the ticket), offering to guide you, etc.


Next we went to the palace. The second after we bought the tickets a strong monsoon shower started. Diving in a swimming pool gets you less wet. Like Armand said: “It’s a house, but empty and big”. Multiple courtyards, buildings and gardens. The rain stopped when the palace closed. Still a good visit.

Video link monsoon shower