India – Day 24 – Agra

Today: 44 km
Total: 3.646
36 degrees and sunny

Today we split up in two groups. Tom stayed in the hotel with Delhi belly 😦

Armand, Erik and Mitch tried to sell the rickshaws. The final conclusion is that selling a rickshaw in Agra is difficult for two reasons:

  1. Our names are not in the ownership papers.
  2. Two strokes are not allowed in Agra, because that’s bad for the Taj Mahal.

We are trying to have them repurchased by the seller in Chennai.

In the evening, Tom by then recovered, we had dinner on a roof top restaurant with a view on the Taj. The service was bad, the food worse. Don’t ever go to Saniya Palace Hotel. The chicken burgers tasted like fish. The spaghetti bolognaise had more fat than tomatoes, drinks took 45 minutes, starters came after the mains.


Tomorrow we are going to visit the Taj Mahal and Agra fort and try to arrange train tickets to Varanasi.


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