India – Day 26 – Old Delhi

35 degrees and quite some sun

In the middle of the night we had to wake up, to catch our 6 AM (ouch…) train from Agra to Delhi. The train seats were comfortable enough catch up some hours of sleep, but with such an early wake and not all stomachs feeling to well, this would become a lazy day.

After we checked into a hotel close to the railway station, we took a rickshaw taxi to the Red Fort in Old Delhi. Four people in the back of a rickshaw is not the most comfortable way of traveling, with body parts hanging out of the rickshaw in the busy Delhi traffic.

The Red Fort is Old Delhi is another World Heritage site. It was build in sixteen something.Directly after the is the souvenir shop trap. A couple of dozen shops sell all of the same type of souvenirs seen at local markets. Behind the souvenir shops the interesting part starts, with separate buildings for separate function. There are separating buildings for the emperor, his private office, his public office, his main wife, his other wifes, his bathroom, etc.


In the evening we visited Hardrock Café New Delhi. Food was nice. Music was bad. They had a retro night. Retro seems to translate into ABBA, Enrique Iglesias, Beegees, Village People, the macarena (2 times), etc. Too bad we had to travel an hour (single trip) for this. We just as well could have gone to the bar next to our hotel for some food and lousy music.

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