Iceland… the video

Movie editing takes quite some time. I posted on that subject earlier: And I am still using Pinnacle, but I did upgrade to Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. So little over a year after our Iceland vacation the movie is ready, we watched it this weekend, so now it’s time to put it online. I specially like the intro.

Even though on some days we did not film at all, the video gives a good overview of our entire trip. Comments are welcome, not only on the video itself but also on the trip.


Day 16 – Menningarnótt

Today is Menningarnótt, Culture Night. Everywhere bands are playing, half of Iceland is in the center of Reykjavik, drinking beer everywhere. Around 23:00 the fireworks start (ten seconds after the countdown ended) and after that there was some more beer drinking. I am not sure if I ever saw so much drunk people in one night.

We wend to a couple of different bars, almost all having live music, ranging from Christian Car Company, a girl singer-song writer with an amazing voice, to the metal of Entombed in a bar called Sodoma.

All together a great festival, maybe again next year 😉

Some bar… some time during Menningarnótt
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Day 15 – Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is another tourist loaded attraction. But the bathing in the warm blue waters with minarals is really nice for the muscles after all the biking.

After a lazy dinner it was time to explore Reykjaviks nightlife. Visiting multiple bars is an absolute must! First we wend to the English Pub, with some live music. Nice, but not that special. The next two places were much more fun. The Celtic Cross looked empty from the outside, but everybody was in the bassment, where also a band was playing. Nice place. We ended in Bar 11, amazing! Nice people, incredibly crowded, good atmosphere, for us the place to be this evening.

Relaxing in the warm water of the Blue Lagoon
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Day 14 – Thingvellir and from Thingvellir to Reykjavik

6.4km (from the campsite to Thingvellir and back)
50km (from Thingvellir to Reykjavik)

Our originial plan was to “do” Thingvellir today and go to Reykjavik tomorrow. We combines this in one, to have a day left for Menningarnótt 🙂

Thingvellir is special for two reasons. The two tectonic (?) plates of Europe and America are drifting a part. Normally that’s not visible (under water), but in Thingvellir it is. You can see where both plates end and can walk between them. They are 7km apart, and are moving away from each other with the amazing 😉 average speed of 1 millimeter per year.

At one of the plates is the important historical site of Iceland, where Parliament used to be held each year. It has a small church, graveyard and one other building. We had a guided tour by a park employee. Intersting story, well told! If you are there I advise you to take that tour.

The ride to Reykjavik was incredibly windy, leaning hard to the right, not to tip over.

Dinner and beers in Reykjavik, where we also met Yonathan again.

Location of the old parliament at Thingvellir
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Day 13 – from Geysir to Thingvellir


After Geysir and Gulfoss we are on our way to the third part of the Golden circle: Thingvellir. The ride was mainly over normal roads, only a small part gravel, only one climb that counts, and for the rest not really special, or are we spoiled?

Things not to say when biking in Iceland (or anywhere else or hiking):
After this climb we have to be at the top.
It cannot rain any harder than this.
After the next bend it should all be better.
On the map it looks flat, so how much climbing can there be?
The wind will go down when we reach the top of that hill.

Lunch on our way from Geysir to Thingvellir
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Day 12 – Geysir and Gulfoss

20.05km (from Geysir to Gulfoss and back)

Today should be resting day. First we sleep late. Breakfast around lunch time in the tourist shop.

We decide to go to Gulfoss first. That is 10km from Geysir, but because of the wind directly in our faces, it took 55 minutes. It some point we were riding down-hill with only 12 km/hour. The Gulfoss waterfall was worth the trip. It’s the most impressive waterfall I’ve ever seen, and the hot chocolate was almost as good. With the same strong wind, the return trip only took 17 minutes 🙂

After that we had a look around at Geysir. The place is named after Geysir, that blows/erupts (don’t know how that’s called) irregular and only 2-3 times a day, so it’s no use sitting down and waiting for it. Though we did see it from a distance. Next to Geysir you have his smaller brother, Stokkur. It blows every 6-8 minutes, 20 (?) meters high, very impressive.

Geysir/Gulfoss is one big let’s-earn-huge-amounts-of-money-on-tourists-location… Hotel Geysir, camping Geysir, golf Geysir, restaurant Geysir, souvenir shop Geysir…. and all expensive. This was also the first time we saw normal tourists again… you know, the type that sits in a bus, gets out for some pictures and a hamburger, and then back to the bus again to continue to the next tourist attraction.

Strokkur, next to Geysir
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Day 11 – from Holaskogur to Geysir


Today was a long distance, but luckily 10km less than expected. Specially between 40 and 50km it became heavy, because we were hungry, but a good lunch fixed all that and we happily (though tired) finished todays trip. During lunch Bjorn spoke the never true words: from now on it can only flat, according to the map. So we ended up doing the major part of the climbs after lunch. The road was quite boring, but hey, we are a bit spoiled the last couple of days.

So now we are in Geysir. We think earned the hot tub and really good meal. Tomorrow we sleep late and do so wandering around. Let’s hope we see Geysir (it blows irregular and only 2 or 3 times a day).

Hot tub in Geysir after a long day of biking 🙂
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