After the very nice experiences in Africa climging the Kili, going on safari and diving, it was time to consider next years vacation. I have done a lot of cool things on vacation, but somehow I come to like the less ordinary things more and more. So what’s next… not another mountain, diving or safari, that’s too much like the previous year (though nice and on the list for future vacations). After some thinking I combined mountainbiking (which I do regularly) with Iceland, because I wanted to go there for quite some time already and the idea was there… Traveling through Iceland by mountainbike. And so we did. On August 7, 2009 we (Bjorn, Frank, Wouter, Yonathan and me) left for our Iceland experience and the rest is history.

Iceland planning…. updated

Day 1 – to Iceland
Day 2 – from Reykjavik to Skaftafell
Day 3 – Svinaffelsjökel
Day 4 – from Skaftafell to Kirkjubaejarklaustur
Day 5 – from Kirkubaejarklaustur to Lakagigar
Day 6 – Lakagigar
Day 7 – from Lakagigar to Kirkjubaejarklaustur
Day 8 – from Kirkjubaejarklaustur to Landmannalaugar
Day 9 – Landmannalaugar
Day 10 – from Landmannalaugar to Holaskogur
Day 11 – from Holaskogur to Geysir
Day 12 – Geysir and Gulfoss
Day 13 – from Geysir to Thingvellir
Day 14 – Thingvellir and from Thingvellir to Reykjavik
Day 15 – Blue Lagoon
Day 16 – Menningarnótt
Day 17 – Back to The Netherlands

>> Iceland… the video

Link: all pictures


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