Wiki for documentation

The concept of Enterprise 2.0 is for a lot of people still difficult to grasp. The easiest way is by (keep on) giving examples. A nice example where Web 2.0 can be used in a business environment is the wiki.

Within Componence our product development isof course documenting Portletsuite. As a collaboration tool (our internal) wiki is used. Yesterday I heared about the decision to also grant access to some of our clients to this documentation in wiki. This means they will always be able to access the most up-to-date version without our people having to mail new documents each time there is an update.

It sounds so logical…. and it is.


I was playing a bit online with my phone and thought “let’s check if wordpress is available for mobile”. And it is: But the functionality is not really advanced. And while I was trying it out a bit, I concluded that for me it’s enough to do a quick note from which I can later create a complete blog entry. But as a complete tool to update my blog…. it’s not user-friendly enough.

Mobile speeds are going up. More and more people are online mobile. So it’s becoming a more important part in the collaboration and work environment. I think good web 2.0 / enterprise 2.0 tools should include mobile functionality. It can be a major success factor.

GMail for mobile: nice
Google calendar for mobile: not nice, only showing your agenda, major functionality is missing.

So Componence decided not to go to Google for company wide mail and calendar (and related), but move to Microsoft Exchange. Of course we are not of key importance for Googles succes, but it’s a clear example of the importance of mobile.

Remember the milk

Also sick and tired of sticky notes, missing to-do lists, small notes in your wallet….

Never forgot tasks, by using Remember the milk. You can keep separate lists, for example a list for each project you are involved in, or one for work, one for  private, one wish list, etc. Tasks can be recurring, making it possible to get a weekly reminder to send out a status report, or regular back-up of your laptop.

You can just open the site, with a real nice and clean interface, to view your tasks, but you can also receive notifications via skype, msn or in your google calendar. It’s also possible to share tasks (didn’t try that yet).

All tasks are tagged, dated and catogised in a list. So you can see a tagcloud for your tasks 🙂

I really love this tool. I have one list for all work related tasks, I tag them with the project. I have a list with personal tasks, groceries, wish list and tasks for Scouting.

The mobile interface is clean and easy to use. Which is really useful because if you think… hmmm I should also do something about blabla… you can put it in your tasks right away, instead of forgetting all about it and remembering again when it’s too late.

If you ask me this is a typical Enterprise 2.0 tool. Try it!!