Gmail Goggles

I just read that Gmail has a new feature to prevent mail from being send when you are drunk or otherwise ‘instable’. It’s called Goggles. Once you turn it on you can set when you want it to work. When it’s working you have to fill in simple math problems before you can send the e-mail.

How stupid does Google think we are? Even if I head a couple of beers I am quite capable of doing some simple calculations, so this won’t work. Besides that… who only has one e-mail account? So if for some reason you can’t send the e-mail, you will use another account or send an SMS, etc.

What’s strange about this is the idea that Gmail is blocking people to send e-mails…. the main goal of using Gmail. So just stick to the main functionality and improve that. It would be the same as a bag of potato chips that won’t open around dinner time or a bar owner that kicks you because you have to go to work tomorrow…. Where is the personal responsibility in this case? A product that takes over responsibilty? So next year there will be somebody sueing Google, because the Goggles was not turned on while he was drunk. If you do something you are not happy with… just deal with it.

But I guess the main question is:
Why does Google want to know when people drink alcohol?

Single mobile calendar sucks

We moved to Exchange with all our mail accounts, calendars, etc in the Componence office. The main goal is to have one integrated solution (before we used thunderbird, outlook, gmail, intranet calendar, outlook calendar, etc) that’s also available on mobile.

And for mail… it works. It syncs very nice with my mobile (HP iPaq hw6915). I can really define which mails to download or not and how much to download. Also when to download, even schedule that. So that works as it’s supposed to.

For the calendar it works… but limited. In outlook you can create multiple calendars, which is nice, because I also have multiple calendars in google calendar, which I might want to move to outlook. But unfortunately only my main calendar can be synced to my mobile…. aaarghhhh (frustration). How hard can it be for Microsoft to support their own products????

My current solution:
Use google calendar which syncs my work calendar with exchange.
Use outlook for sending/receiving work related invites.


I was playing a bit online with my phone and thought “let’s check if wordpress is available for mobile”. And it is: But the functionality is not really advanced. And while I was trying it out a bit, I concluded that for me it’s enough to do a quick note from which I can later create a complete blog entry. But as a complete tool to update my blog…. it’s not user-friendly enough.

Mobile speeds are going up. More and more people are online mobile. So it’s becoming a more important part in the collaboration and work environment. I think good web 2.0 / enterprise 2.0 tools should include mobile functionality. It can be a major success factor.

GMail for mobile: nice
Google calendar for mobile: not nice, only showing your agenda, major functionality is missing.

So Componence decided not to go to Google for company wide mail and calendar (and related), but move to Microsoft Exchange. Of course we are not of key importance for Googles succes, but it’s a clear example of the importance of mobile.