Ha’s wedding vs Web 2.0

Last Saturday was Ha‘s & Bach-Tons wedding. It was a nice day, briljant weather, a top location and a nice international group of people (their Vietnames family, colleagues from the Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland and India, some of our clients, etc). It was a really nice traditional wedding, with a good party.

But with all the Enterprise 2.0 and Web 2.0 going around in our office, I expected a bit more of Wedding 2.0 😉

Concepts that would have been nice:

  • Online video feed for people not able to attend (i.e. a lot of our colleagues from India, Ukraine, Romania).
  • Online guestbook (instead of the paper version).
  • Before they say “yes”, let’s check the poll, forum or blog if the world approves.
  • Twigger that you are receiving the ring.

So in normal life Web/Enterprise 2.0 is a way of life, but in a wedding people tend to be more traditional. That is of course no problem, but if you think about a bit surprising, as it is so different from normal life.

On the other hand, right after the wedding the normal life continues, so I expect some blog post (like this one) on the wedding, lot’s of online photo’s and maybe even some youtubes and some posts in our wiki.