Iceland… the video

Movie editing takes quite some time. I posted on that subject earlier: And I am still using Pinnacle, but I did upgrade to Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. So little over a year after our Iceland vacation the movie is ready, we watched it this weekend, so now it’s time to put it online. I specially like the intro.

Even though on some days we did not film at all, the video gives a good overview of our entire trip. Comments are welcome, not only on the video itself but also on the trip.

Iceland planing…. updated

The previous planning was based on only half of our tour and vague ideas. Our current, updated, planning is based on a possible (it least it seems) route for the entire trip. Now let’s see what will happen and what will change 🙂

Friday August 7 14:00 – 15:10 Amsterdam –> Keflavik Keflavik –> Reykjavik camping
Saturday August 8 Bus Reykjavik –> Skaftafell
Sunday August 9 Skaftafell National Park
Monday August 10 Skaftafell –> Kirkjubaejarklaustur Using route 1: 70 Km
Tuesday August 11 Kirkjubaejarklaustur –> Laki Using 206:  45 KM +Laki?
Wednesday August 12 Spending a day at Laki
Thursday August 13 Laki –> direction Landmannalaugar Using route 208 or route 1: 70 KM
FridayAugust 14 To Landmannalaugar Using route F208: 55KM
Saurday August 15 Landmannalaugar –> campsite Using route f208 and route f255: 40KM
Sunday August 16 campsite –> Hekla (vulcano) –> campsite Day at Hekla
Monday August 17 Campsite –> Gulfoss Unknown road between route 32 and 334: 55KM
Tuesday August 18 Gulfoss, Geysir Day at Gulfoss and Geysir
Wednesday August 19 Gulfoss, Geysir –> Thingvellir Using route 37 365 : 50KM
Thursday August 20 Thingvellir Day at Thingvellir
Friday August 21 Thingvellir –> Reykjavik Using route 36: 50KM
Saturday August 22 Blue Lagoon Blue Lagoon –> Reykjavik camping
Sunday August 23 Reykjavik camping –> Keflavik 16:30 – 21:30 Keflavik –> Amsterdam

Iceland by mountainbike

After last years vacation on Mount Kilimanjaro, safari and diving, this year asks for another great, but totally different vacation.

The plan
We  want to go to Iceland and make a tour to see all the wonderfull things nature has to offer. Because we have limited time (2 weeks) we only focus on the southern part of this island. We are not going to rent a car…. we are going by mountainbikes 🙂

We want to fly in from Amsterdam on Friday, take a bus to Skaftafell on Saturday (11 hours!) and from there bike back to Reykjavik while visiting cool places on the road. This should bring us back to Reykjavik in time for Menningarnótt, a huge party with concerts, fireworks and almost 1/3 of the icelanders attending :). After a well deserved day of rest we want to use the second week for visiting the area between Geysir and Keflavik, where we will end in the Blue Lagoon before flying back home.

I really look forward to it. We are still planning a lot of stuff… finding out the route, needed materials, should I buy a new bike or not, etc. If you have any advice: pls comment.