NOT for vegetarians

About eating safari animals.

On our way home from Zanzibar we had to spend one evening and night in Nairobi. We slept in Karen Camp where, for the first and last time this vacation, I had a hot shower that stayed hot 🙂

For dinner we wend to restaurant Carnivore. A 2 times top 50 restaurant worldwide! And, as the name already suggests, they serve meat and meat and meat and meat.

Until 2001 (?) on the menu where animals from the national parc (yes, the ones you see on safari). But this has, fortunately, been changed because of government rules. Now the only meat served comes from animal farms, but that doesn’t mean you don’t eat well.

The waiters come to your table with big traditional swords, from which they cut some of the really well, bbq-prepared meat. Only when you take the small flag off your table they stop serving you. We had chicken, beef, lamb and porc. But also lizzard, crocodile and superb ostrich meat balls. It’s a nice experience…… If you happen to be in the neighbourhood…. drop by (but make sure you have a reservation).