Bad software

Next year Metallica and Machinehead are coming to the Netherlands. Reason enough to buy a ticket.

So there I was, on a Saturday morning, a bit before 10, behind my laptop (yes, that early). Tickets could only be bought via Livenation, because they try stop illegal tickets on the black market and to give everybody a fair chance for buying tickets.

When it’s almost ten I use the F5 button a couple of times, and indeed at exaclty ten the “buy tickets” button appears. Clicking that opens a pop-up with a progress bar. There is a waiting line because a lot of people want to buy tickets. OK, nothing wrong so far. But it gets a bit frustrating if the progress bar jumps back and forward between almost full, to almost empy, slowly full again, back to half full, back to almost empty, etc. And this goes on for a complete hour. Yes, that long. Then all of a sudden a screen pops up telling me my browser settings are not correct. And if that would be true it would surprise me. Should I set my security settings so low all viruses and spyware from all over the internet are automatically redirected to my laptop? I don’t think so. But it’s not even true, because for other concert tickets this strange screen does not appear (I tried). Going again to the “buy tickets” button is not possible anymore…. all tickets are sold out.

And OK, I am in favor of buying stuff online…. but if you want to offer that as a company, you need software that is capable of that. At Livenation some people did something terribly wrong. The people who designed and build the system did not do a good job, it’s not capable of handling huge visitors at the same time. Besides somebody decide to exclusively sell tickets via livenation and to also promote that, so everybody would be online at the same time.

So Livenation sucks.