Iceland… the video

Movie editing takes quite some time. I posted on that subject earlier: And I am still using Pinnacle, but I did upgrade to Pinnacle Studio Ultimate. So little over a year after our Iceland vacation the movie is ready, we watched it this weekend, so now it’s time to put it online. I specially like the intro.

Even though on some days we did not film at all, the video gives a good overview of our entire trip. Comments are welcome, not only on the video itself but also on the trip.

Touching the Void

Two weeks ago with some friends we watched Touching the Void. The movie is based on the book (with the same title) by Joe Simpson. It’s probably the fifth or sixth time I wachted this movie and probably not the last time.

Touching the Void is a true story about his attempt to climb Siula Grande, together with Simon Yates.  The movie is part movie (with actors), part documentary (with the real people telling their story). The story starts out quite optimistic, the get to the top. But if you pay attention you already see a recipe for disaster (too little experience, too little gas, etc). On their way back Simpson makes a bad fall, and breaks his leg. With a broken leg it looks vritually impossible to get off the mountain, without water and food.

In the end he makes it, but that’s no suprise, he is commenting the movie himself.

You can watch the movie because it’s just a really good movie, with nice mountain views and a good story.

But when I watch it, each time I am again surprised about how much a person can handle, the struggle for life. I always wonder if this is just that one person, or everybody act that strong when needed, and I hope for the latter. But it’s always difficult to imagine yourself in such a position.


Watch the movie… and let me know if you would have cut the rope or not.