Single mobile calendar sucks

We moved to Exchange with all our mail accounts, calendars, etc in the Componence office. The main goal is to have one integrated solution (before we used thunderbird, outlook, gmail, intranet calendar, outlook calendar, etc) that’s also available on mobile.

And for mail… it works. It syncs very nice with my mobile (HP iPaq hw6915). I can really define which mails to download or not and how much to download. Also when to download, even schedule that. So that works as it’s supposed to.

For the calendar it works… but limited. In outlook you can create multiple calendars, which is nice, because I also have multiple calendars in google calendar, which I might want to move to outlook. But unfortunately only my main calendar can be synced to my mobile…. aaarghhhh (frustration). How hard can it be for Microsoft to support their own products????

My current solution:
Use google calendar which syncs my work calendar with exchange.
Use outlook for sending/receiving work related invites.