National Jamboree

From July 21 until 30 I am going to the National Jamboree (NJ) with my Scouts (Boy and Girls Scouts from Scouting Boxtel). A jamboree is a big international Scouting camp. A lot of countries organise one each four yours. Also each four years a World Jamboree is organised. The jamboree I am going to is organised by Scouting Nederland, but is open for all countries. The NJ is held in Boxtel, on Velder, so we cannot not go there, since it’s almost in our backyard.


Some time ago I read about the 1st Whitby Scouts from Canada asking questions about renting materials, because taking tents, gas stoves, etc in the plane is very expensive. So I got the idea to go to the NJ together. This should be a win-win situation, with a lot of cultural exchange and new international friends. After some e-mails we decided to join forces. Now we are planning the final details.

Of course the Canadians want to see the highlights of the Netherlands, which made me think… They created a list and I noticed that I did not see everything on their list. So it looks like tourists see typical Dutch places that a lot Dutch people did not visit. So I look forward to their visit and will certainly join in some of the NL sightseeing.

I really look forward to our summercamp and am curious how the cultural exchange will be, if we find much differences between Canadian and Dutch culture, how the Scouts will adapt to the joined group and if it will go natural or needs much additional efforts.