Coming weekend Scouts all over the world are making contacts with other Scouts. They will do this with the help of amateur radio operaters, then it’s called Jamboree On The Air (JOTA). Or via internet, then it’s called Jamboree On The Internet (JOTI). I look forward to this weekend, which I am co-organising for our local group Scouting Boxtel.

So this weekend is all about communication. When focussing an entire weekend on communication it’s nice to see how much influence it has in society. Mobile phones, e-mail, chats, etc. Everybody considers it as completely normal, but only when you stop and think about it people “discover” that for example radio is also a form of communication,  but normally one-way. But because it’s communication (and fun) we include it in our program. So everybody is sitting in in a radio show and participating in that. People at home can listen to that and lot’s of people (parents, friends) actually do.

By using IRC for chat people are doing something they know, but with another tool. It’s funny to see that because people don’t know the tool the really focus on communication… what do I have to do to be able to chat with that person? Where in MSN you just chat.


For the radio amateurs it’s a bit different. They use technology that’s been around far longer but not really known by most people. Why use that technology when we also have mobile phones? Because it’s fun and different and showing a bit of the past of the newest technology. They need a big antenna for example. That’s why we are building a tower to have more reach.