Posterous rocks!

Recently Bas pointed me to the great tool Posterous. Posterous is a blog tool where you can send an e-mail which is auto-posted to your weblog. URLs of images, youtube, vimeo, etc are automatically taken the content and show it in your blog. Files attached to the e-mail are put in your content really nice, for example images, movies, mp3, pdf, etc. But for me mail-and-it’s-posted-in-your-blog is the most important functionality.

Additional features are RSS, auto-post to twitter, facebook, wordpress, etc. etc. etc. Google analystics are integrated.

Bas showed me his site where he gathers all content in the Dutch media about rugby. He gave me the idea to do the same for Scouting. I was interested in Posterous and give it a try… and wow how incredible are the results!

I went to Posterous and 3 minutes later (gathering local, regional and national news items in the Dutch media) was a fact (that’s not really true. it takes some time for the DNS changes are active). I’m e-mailing some news items a couple of times per day, taking me maybe 15 minutes a day. Items are auto-posted to a specific twitter account. Without promotion the twitter account is gathering new followers daily.  A couple of times per week people are e-mailing new news items to put on the site. The national organisation has asked for cooperation to get the news integrated in their site. I created a script so other people can include the news items in their website. I finished the script last week, and already a couple of sites are following.

So Posterous is a great tool for gathering information! I would encourage people to do the same and pls send me other examples of news site using posterous, maybe we can exchange some tips and tricks!

Improved marketing using social networks

Viral marketing
The project we are working on right now is focusing on viral marketing. Viral marketing means we are not talking about a normal “campaign” that is advertised to the target group by the company that started the campaign (via radion, newspapers, tv, banners, etc), but it is mainly spread by the target group itself (like a virus). Where it used to be word-of-mouth, nowadays of course it’s going much faster on the internet. For more info, check wikipedia on viral marketing.

Social networks
There are a lot of online social networks, both business (LinkedIn, Xing, etc) as private (Facebook, Hyves, Twitter, etc). The power of these social networks is that they enable the user to show themselves and contact friends, relations. And all that in a user friendly way, no copy-pasting e-mail address, but button-click functionality to expand your network and show who you are.

Contribute and win
My current project combines the viral marketing and the social networks into one. A marketing message that is spread to the user group via the social networks, by the target group itself. A powerfull combination, and the concept leads to a lot of positive response. People are invited to enroll in a competition (motive: you can win something nice). Of course we ask the information that is the main goal for the marketing campaign (a content submit and/or personal details). So there is a win-win-win situation. The marketing goal is reached, the target group is happy to join a competition and win awesome prices, overall costs drop because of the use of available networks.

Of course a new blog post will follow after we have the first release live 🙂

Interesting use of this approach: Use a viral to see if a community has added value for your business/product.

Twitter for reporting

Until now I did not really understand the added value of Twitter. Blogging I understand. But just mentioning what you do, it sounds a bit…. irrelevant. I know a lot of people see this completely different, so probably I am wrong (so pls don’t feel offended). And I think you never know for sure if you don’t test it yourself. So I need to find a good reason to push myself in trying this.

Wednesday we started a new project, which needs to be delivered fast, so we are going to do an extreme developement project. I have the honour of managing the project. Because we all like the concept we are really focused on delivering good results. We have a capable team. So far nothing but good news 🙂 Now, the next part is reporting to my client. We are doing this project as an internal project, so my client is also internal, but always really busy. And because time is short I want to be able to give small regular updates. What I do know he is using Twitter on a regular basis.

So I decided to bring these two together, and I will use Twitter to do reporting on the project. Not the normal Highlight Report at the end of the week or an Exception Report (hopefully not needed). But just small updates, some additional small info, short questions, etc, just the type of messages Twitter is meant for.

It will be a nice test to see if Twitter works for me and if I can swift to the extremely cool 😉 people that do use Twitter. Will I like it? I will keep you posted.

O, if you are interested: