Party… Ukrainian style

This weekend was the Christmas party of our colleagues in Lviv. Because I happened to be there for my current project, this was a nice opportunity to join, have a nice not-work-related time with my colleagues and see something more of the Ukrainian country. Ukrainian parties are like this: hire a bus, pack it full with wodka, drive to some nice hotel in the mountains, drink all the wodka and have fun in some activities. It really doesn’t matter what kind of activities, as long as it is people having fun. And we had fun… and drank wodka, and some more wodka, and after that… some more wodka.

We wend to a really cool hotel in Slavsko (which I could not find in Google Maps, btw), in the Carpathian Mountains. It is a ski village. But we were unlucky that there was not yet enough snow to do some skiing or snowboarding. That didn’t matter, we still wend up to the mountains, to have a look around, eat bread with cheese and meat and drink a small wodka with that. Also we have some musicians in the team, they have their own band. They took the guitars, drums and everything with them. When they started playing it kind of ended the party for the other group in the building (probably we were too loud), the music was good, and after some asking they even improvised some English songs. The second evening we had a barbecue with perfect shashliks.

I really enjoyed myself and this trip confirmed to me that we have a team that’s all really close. If you have a group of people that like each other you will have fun, and that’s what happened. So we have an amazing team spirit, which is easy to get along in even though I saw most people only for the second time. I hope I happen to be in the Ukraine for the next party 🙂

More pictures on my picasa.

Language problems

(I’m in Kiev, Ukraine to do a project kick-off.)

My Ukrainian and Russian is not very good… to be more precise I can’t talk both at all. So how to get to a supermarket and buy some water, breakfast, cola and juice? Well… in a Kiev sub-urb asking doesn’t help much because people here talked as much English as I did Ukrainian/Russian. So after a couple of miserably failed attempts I had to come up with something else. I just followed some women with grocery bags. I hope they didn’t feel stalked….