Movie editing

The last weeks I’ve been editing some video shots we took during the JOTA/JOTI Scouting weekend. It’s the first time I was working with video. It’s nice to do…. but takes so much time. Also a lot of the footage is completely useless. This is not only because some people don’t know how to use a camera (i.e. don’t turn it off and filming the floor for 10 minutes), but also because I just wanted short shots.

As I am becoming more and more just a typical end user in software, of course I just started out using Windows Movie Maker…. yes, because it’s default installed in Windows. But after not too much time I decided that (at least for me) it’s just not possible to deliver a nice result with WMM. You can’t play around with the sounds too much, too little possibilities for adding effects or transitions. It’s just too limited.

So I googled a bit and tried Pinnacle Studio. What a difference!! For each clip you can add lot’s of effects, play with the clip sound or add additional music, brighten it, etc. The user interface took about half an hour to understand (maybe because I ignored the manual :)), but then it becomes all quite clear and logical. Still it was just my first movie and I have a lot to learn. But my next project is already coming closer. Next week I can start editing the Kilimanjaro movie.

My lesson learned…. sometimes it’s worth checking out other software and not being a typical lazy end user.

O, btw… putting video’s online in Google Video (using the desptop tool for uploading 100 MB+ movies) is not working for weeks already, so I put this on Vimeo. Normally I am quite fond of Google products, but this time I was surprised in a very positive way by Vimeo. It’s really easy to use, looks nicer and (most important) the movie quality is much higher!

O, and of course the end result: