Posterous rocks!

Recently Bas pointed me to the great tool Posterous. Posterous is a blog tool where you can send an e-mail which is auto-posted to your weblog. URLs of images, youtube, vimeo, etc are automatically taken the content and show it in your blog. Files attached to the e-mail are put in your content really nice, for example images, movies, mp3, pdf, etc. But for me mail-and-it’s-posted-in-your-blog is the most important functionality.

Additional features are RSS, auto-post to twitter, facebook, wordpress, etc. etc. etc. Google analystics are integrated.

Bas showed me his site where he gathers all content in the Dutch media about rugby. He gave me the idea to do the same for Scouting. I was interested in Posterous and give it a try… and wow how incredible are the results!

I went to Posterous and 3 minutes later (gathering local, regional and national news items in the Dutch media) was a fact (that’s not really true. it takes some time for the DNS changes are active). I’m e-mailing some news items a couple of times per day, taking me maybe 15 minutes a day. Items are auto-posted to a specific twitter account. Without promotion the twitter account is gathering new followers daily.  A couple of times per week people are e-mailing new news items to put on the site. The national organisation has asked for cooperation to get the news integrated in their site. I created a script so other people can include the news items in their website. I finished the script last week, and already a couple of sites are following.

So Posterous is a great tool for gathering information! I would encourage people to do the same and pls send me other examples of news site using posterous, maybe we can exchange some tips and tricks!


I was playing a bit online with my phone and thought “let’s check if wordpress is available for mobile”. And it is: But the functionality is not really advanced. And while I was trying it out a bit, I concluded that for me it’s enough to do a quick note from which I can later create a complete blog entry. But as a complete tool to update my blog…. it’s not user-friendly enough.

Mobile speeds are going up. More and more people are online mobile. So it’s becoming a more important part in the collaboration and work environment. I think good web 2.0 / enterprise 2.0 tools should include mobile functionality. It can be a major success factor.

GMail for mobile: nice
Google calendar for mobile: not nice, only showing your agenda, major functionality is missing.

So Componence decided not to go to Google for company wide mail and calendar (and related), but move to Microsoft Exchange. Of course we are not of key importance for Googles succes, but it’s a clear example of the importance of mobile.