Each year it’s difficult to decide were to go for the holidays. This time, it was not difficult, everybody was immediately interested in going to Vietnam after seeing the Top Gear special. What took more thinking time was to figure out if it was even possible to go around Vietnam on a scooter, where to go, what to do, back-up car or not, etc. O, yeah, and saving the money also took more time than expected for some in the group, resulting in postponing this trip for almost a year. In the end, it was all worth it. Vietnam is an incredible country to visit, sights and experiences are incredibly diverse. And our method of transportation added to experiencing the real Vietnam. You can read the entire story, including route maps, pictures, videos and even some traffic guidelines on my blog:
Vietnam – the inspiration
Vietnam – the route
Long journy
Day 1 | Saigon – Phú Mỹ
Day 2 | Phú Mỹ – Mui Ne
Day 3 | Mui Ne – Da Lat
Day 4 | Da Lat
Day 5 | Da Lat – Nha Trang
Day 6 | Nha Trang – Buon Ma Thuot
Day 7 | Buon Ma Thuot – Kon Tum
Day 8 | Kon Tum – Kham Duc
Day 9 Kham Duc – Hoi An
Day 10 | Hoi An and My Son
Day 11 | Hoi An – Da Nang
Day 12 | Da Nang – Hue
Day 13 | Hue
Day 14 | Hanoi – Cat Ba Island
Day 15 | Cat Ba Bay
Day 16 | Cat Ba Bed
Day 17 | Cat Ba Island – Haiphong
Day 18 | Haiphong – Hanoi
Vietnam traffic rules
Day 19 | Perfume Pagoda
Day 20 | Hanoi and Hanoi – Saigon
Day 21 | Saigon
Day 22 | Saigon and going home
Trip statistics
Vietnam | The video


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